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My proposal

I am here to present a unique delegate proposal for the Ark Ecosystem. I have been working for over a year to fix several important security vulnerabilities in Ark Node v1 and Ark Core v2 and I'd like to continue doing this, because I think it's beneficial for the future of the ecosystem for obvious reasons.

The forging rewards from delegate alessio are used to cover the funding necessary to continue my security research and code auditing for Ark Core v2 on a permanent and full time basis. All discoveries are confidentially disclosed to the Ark team who pay bounties for all confirmed vulnerabilities that are reported.

Past experience

I worked in a team to recover the Ark Node v1 mainnet chain in October 2018, where my duties involved writing a patch to hard fork the network, taking a clean snapshot of the blockchain (which all delegates subsequently used to restore the chain), delivering an airdrop to the delegates and retransmitting all existing transactions to ensure that no funds were lost and that no transactions could be maliciously replayed.

After that, my focus switched to Ark Core v2. You can read about some of my discoveries in the Contributions section, or by checking the official security-vulnerabilities repository on GitHub here: The vulnerabilities reported by alessio are mine.


In summary, I've spent many hours auditing and investigating security issues in Ark Core v2, with a proven record of repeated success and I've reported more v2 security issues than everyone else combined. I can only continue this work with a regular funding stream from forging rewards to cover the hours that are spent on it.

Security should be a massive concern for any cryptocurrency and I have hopefully demonstrated my skills in that regard. We need to keep the codebase secure, and this extends beyond Ark alone, as we need to think about all the other forks based on Ark and the future bridgechains too if we want to see mass adoption and ultimately succeed.

And if you agree with me, please consider voting for delegate alessio.

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