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I am 25 years old. I’m engaged in web development. I met the crypt a little more than a year ago. At the moment, Lisk and ARK are interesting. I launched pool it on the ARK ( At the moment I’m working on a game (with my friend olejegcord) for Lisk/ARK ( and my version of the pool script (nodejs)( ).


A little frontend and a little backend. :D HTML5 / CSS3; JS / jQuery / AJAX; NPM, Gulp, SCSS, Bower; PHP / MySQL; Git; Game-Dev(little): C++, OpenGL, DirectX9, Delphi(GLScrene) Unity3d(C#) - demos{: target="_blank"}

My proposal

  • Pool reward sharing - 90%
  • Pool site:
  • Payments interval is 12h if earned more than 4 ARK
  • Withdrawal network fees pays pool


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