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Payout 85%
Payout min 0.9 Ѧ
Payout Max 0 Ѧ
Payout Interval 114h

Hi, my name is Toon’s and I’m a french python developper.

My delegate at work

I follow blockchain technology since 2014 and I’m convinced that it will bring to transaction ecosystem what wheel brings to technology. I’m particulary interested in BTC, ETH/ETC, LISK and ARK wich is in my opinion a limitless blockchain concept.


I maintain 3 projects of my own on the PYthon Package Index: YawTtk (a Python wrapper for the modern tk widget set Tile), Gryd (great circle computation and projection library) and Tyf (a pythonic way to read and write IFD and EXIF data).


Since January of this year (2017), I contribute to ARK ecosystem providing a python API to interact with the blockchain. Python is a powerfull multi-platform programing language used by a huge developper community. This API allows ARK fan from the well known magnificent seven to create arkbot and launch stresstest on testnet improving its strength, giving us today a rock solid main network.


Since March 21th (2017), I run delegate arky wich was a pool-sharing node giving 30% of forged ARK to its voters. With the ARK price growing, it goes to 85% payout and this percentage is meant to evolve with time according to ARK market capitalization. Small rewards are saved until they reach a minimum of 0.09 ARK so no one is left on the road. Everyone is welcome with a 100 ARK minimum wallet ! In order to protect modest holders, vote level is caped to 200k ARK.

More info on how the delegate works here

Payout occurs every 1000 forged blocks and transfer fees are covered by delegate.


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