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Payout Interval 114h plugin Created on: 2021-11-25 05:20:19

NFT storage Media is now easy to access via usrv, my pure python micro json client server package.

>>> from usrv import nftstorage as nst
>>>"eyJhb[...]VOmq8")  # JWT token
>>> nst.upload(r"C:\Users\Toons\Pictures\arky.png")
  'ok': True,
  'value': {
    'cid': 'bafybeicvqadvmhhzsqevu7qwwg4wjieinyzam75lrabqceiin6ja75k2ky',
    'created': '2021-11-23T05:33:42.789+00:00',
    'type': 'directory',
    'scope': 'micro-io',
    'files': [
      {'name': 'arky.png', 'type': 'image/png'}
    'size': 25337,
    'pin': {
      'cid': 'bafybeicvqadvmhhzsqevu7qwwg4wjieinyzam75lrabqceiin6ja75k2ky',
      'created': '2021-11-23T05:33:42.789+00:00',
      'size': 25337,
      'status': 'queued'
    'deals': []
  'status': 200

NFT storage API documentation.

Pinata plugin Created on: 2021-11-19 22:23:57

Home For NFT Media is now easy to access via usrv, my pure python micro json client server package.

>>> from usrv import pinata
>>>"eyJhb[...]rI7QY")  # JWT token
>>> pinata.pinFile(r"C:\Users\Toons\Pictures\arky.png", name="arky delegate logo")
  'IpfsHash': 'bafkreigfxalrf52xm5ecn4lorfhiocw4x5cxpktnkiq3atq6jp2elktobq',
  'PinSize': 25279,
  'Timestamp': '2021-11-24T21:57:23.983Z',
  'status': 200

Pinata API documentation.

Fast secp256k1 curve python package Created on: 2021-04-23 11:53:24

Improvement of my previous secp256k1 package, it computes signatures 100 times faster within python distribution. C code based on GMP library may run even faster within lower level development language.

This package implements ECDSA, BIP340-Schnorr and ARK-Schnorr signatures.

Get it on my Gtihub repo

Bridged and Created on: 2021-01-09 16:54:50

Arky just finished a badge service for ark blockchain.

arky address

  • api_path is the API endpoint path to reach (api/delegates/arky -> api.delegates.arky)
  • attribute is the returned json attribute to put in the badge, attribute name is the label and attribute value the message

shields web pages custom options from are also available. is available within trough simple-icons project.

Harden your node with pyrex service ! Created on: 2020-08-15 13:26:42

Arky is proud to provide a python package running as a system service that harden Ark node against ddos attacks : pyrex. It combines basic linux commands like netstat, iptables and ipset to monitor and ban automatically suspicious ip. This service does not exempt you from basic safety behavior :

blockchain-bridged IOT broker Created on: 2020-05-04 07:15:52

How fast it realy is with python ! Arky just released ark-broker, a python IOT broker that can be bridged with a powered by Ark blockchain or any blockchain with a RESTfull API interface. With 3 simple plugins added to hbmqtt, ark-broker provides security on subscription / publication and automation with blockchain.

IOT bridge plugin Created on: 2020-04-15 21:50:31

ark-listener package now bundles an iot plugin. It configures a mosquitto server at startup and provides a simple forward module to send webhook data from blockchain to a specific topic.

Try it and listen blockchain noise from webhook id d8c9f764-8226-4644-b2df-47f39543afae at mqtt:// on ark/event topic.

Public multisignature web site Created on: 2020-01-12 22:27:33

Arky proudly provides a public HTML multisignature site. For python dev, pacakge is available here.

Public multisignature server Created on: 2019-12-14 14:36:30

Arky proudly provides a public python multisignature server. For python dev, mssrv pacakge is available here.

secp256k1 curve python package Created on: 2019-11-30 13:24:07

I freely provide to the ark comunity my python work on secp256k1 curve. It is focused on ark cryptography with ecdsa and schnorr signatures.

ark-listener Created on: 2019-08-19 08:00:46

Ark core webhooks trigger POST requests containing data to a targeted peer. This one then can be parsed to trigger code execution with my python listener

Issue #2881 Created on: 2019-08-19 07:59:21

It seems webhook conditions are not correctly parsed

Atomic Swap on AIP Created on: 2019-05-29 15:34:16

Atomic swap issue opened on Ark AIP

AIP #8 toonsbuf: a network improvement protocol Created on: 2019-03-24 11:51:05

Developing arky helps me understand well ARK network. With optimization approach I came up with this protocol that is now implemented by the ARK devs (not used yet).


True-vote-weight Created on: 2019-03-24 11:51:05

Since the begining of ARK mainnet, some voters are trying to get maximum profit hopping from delegate to another. A vote hopper can reduce considerably the share of other voters. For ARK V1; For ARK V2

Pool sharing calculator Created on: 2019-03-24 11:51:05

Google sheet document gives a synthetic overview to voters and delegates of how public sharing pool works.

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