Address: AbBvNH7Mu5wKqqevkRKrABm7KKaoR4GWhL
Rank 34
Voters 46
Vote Weight 1,370,144 Ѧ
Shares Rewards
Payout 80%
Payout min 0 Ѧ
Payout Max 0 Ѧ
Payout Interval 72h

About me

Hello there, thanks for reading my proposal.

My name is cactus1549, I’m twenty and I’m currently studying Computer engineering at the university. I like coding (for now I’ve only put my hands on c++ and python), planes (as you can tell from the name) and tech stuff in general, including crypto.

I joined the DPoS community more than one year ago with a few ark fork projects. During this time, I have run several delegates and I have gained enough experience to understand how to do it properly. Last few months, I started following ark slack and so I decided to start my own delegate. I’m currently running a delegate for Ark, Qredit, Hydra, Ark Devnet and Nos Devnet.

My current project

I’m currently working on a Telegram bot that gives you information about your delegate and/or the wallets you use to vote. Here some of the most important functions:

You can already test these features clicking here

I’m planning to introduce other features:

My proposal

My current Network Setup




*Network setup will be upgraded with more relay nodes in the future


You can contact me on Telegram (@cactus_1549), discord (cactus1549), slack (cactus1549) or send me an email at [email protected]

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