Address: AGvhBGb4cCZnP2wUo1oCSi83LUtGDG7Y6X
Rank 6
Voters 162
Vote Weight 913,398 Ѧ
Shares Rewards
Payout 99%
Payout min 0 Ѧ
Payout Max 0 Ѧ
Payout Interval 24h


Background & Accomplishments

Cam’s Yellow Jacket has been a forging delegate on the Ark Public Network since October of 2018. During their tenure on APN, CYJ has undertaken many projects to strengthen and embolden the Ark network via technical and community initiatives. CYJ can also be found forging on the Compendia Network, and previously Qredit.

Some of those projects include but are not limited to:

  • Relay Program (Ark & Compendia)

  • Relay Purchase Program (Ark & Compendia)

  • Releasing short, but informative Videos about Ark and it’s capabilities, like and subscribe please! 😍

  • Hosting an annual Arklings Fantasy Football League

  • Engaging with the community via Reddit, Discord and Twitter

  • Cam of CYJ was also in the first graduating ‘class’ of Ark Advocates

  • Cam of CYJ also assisted Tin of Arktoshi Delegate in learning the ropes of running an Ark node (he was originally part of the Relay Program! 😁), and today he is one of the most knowledgeable, engaging, and most productive delegates on the networks he works on!

  • CYJ has also collaborated with delegate friendsoflittleyus in the past in working on their online shop that accepts crypto, and created the Relay Purchase Program, a partial reimbursement offering in buying one of their at-home-nodes.

  • Cam of CYJ also served on the Ark Community Fund Board multiple times, assisting in funding community projects for the betterment of Ark. Multiple donations over the years to various Ark initiatives.

On the back end, more technical/delegate-ey/validator side of the house, Cam’s Yellow Jacket has been successfully running their nodes at close to 100% productivity consistently for almost 3.5 years on the Ark Network. Their productivity was just as well on the other networks they’ve taken part in.Cam had also been a closed tester for multiple Ark products and provided valuable feedback. CYJ had also assisted in testing the payout script run by Goose Delegate.

Who Operates CYJ?



Sharing Forging Rewards

Cam’s Yellow Jacket takes great pride in being a public delegate that shares forging rewards with it’s voters, and will continue to share while also providing value through community and technical initiatives (see below).


  • CYJ runs a Relay Program for the Ark Public Network. Run a relay node and get paid in ARK. We aim to pay our operators more (in $ value) via ARK than they pay to run the node and have been very successful at this. Can review how it looks here.

  • CYJ will continue to fund an escrow for Videos and release videos periodically. In order to fund each video, a % from our forging rewards will be directed to this ARK address as needed: AQbzA7zWNW5htDTQtsqdktKm8R5aZhSAqz

  • CYJ still has funding for the Relay Purchase Program, the home-node offered by friendsoflittleyus, buy an at home relay node and get reimbursed 50% by CYJ.

  • CYJ will seek to promote Ark via any and all avenues, advertising, sponsorships, you name it, we want people to know about Ark.

Share Rate

Please see our share rate at the top of the page:

  • CYJ will share this % of forging rewards with voters of CYJ every 72 hours

Remainder for Initiatives & Operations (100 - share rate):

  • In the past CYJ had listed out a breakdown of what %’s go where and to what projects we work on, but we have learned this business is fluid and those change often for many reasons. The remaining % goes towards the aforementioned Initiatives and maintaining node operations. CYJ is known for re-assessing their share rate without prompt or losing forging position, and will increase share rate when able 🙂

Contact Us

We’re always available to answer any questions. Please, reach out with any questions or concerns.

Twitter: @CamYellowJacket

Discord: cam#4781

Telegram: @Cam_6

Email: [email protected]

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