Rank 30
Voters 125
Vote Weight 456,787 Ѧ
Shares Rewards
Payout 50%
Payout min 0 Ѧ
Payout Max 0 Ѧ
Payout Interval 24h

Hi there! Many of you have seen me around on Slack, Discord and last but not least GitHub. My name is Eddie, I’m a software developer with a BSc in Computer Science and a strong focus on UX/UI.

My venture into Ark started when I first tried to setup a node using the commander back in April, which I found to be buggy and lacking of some more or less important functions. This was the beginning of a steady stream of contributions, which the Ark Team generously rewarded through their GitHub Development Bounties. Visit their blog or my "Contributions" for more info.


I believe I could be one of those delegates willing to go the proverbial extra mile, which has been partially proven by my contributions already.


I will be sharing 80% of the forging rewards with my voters initially. For that i will be using Marcs (cryptology) TBW script, which allows for a fair distribution of the network fees. Although this is a almost negligible aspect nowadays with Core v2 and dynamic fees, i still believe this is the right approach. Minimum for payout: 0.1 ARK

Changes to the shared reward will be communicated well in advance.

The name of the delegate is dated (AR7Hi2yU6GzMPJQgbLM8LKNPNmLPKnthGA)

The Delegate Competition Fund

Beside continuing to work on present and future repositories on GitHub, my main contribution to Ark over the next couple of months will be a new platform called the Delegate Competition Fund, or DCF for short.

While many delegates offer competitions and rewards for contributions in some way, this new platform will allow delegates to come together and engage with the community on a larger scale. A first mock up and exemplary competition run by the DCF with a total of 25 entries and a prize pool of 1200 ARK can be seen at


Mainnet (Forger): 32 GB / 6 Cores / 600 GB

Mainnet (Backup): 16 GB / 4 Cores / 345 GB

Devnet: 16 GB / 4 Cores / 345 GB


I’ve been developing for Ark for almost 8 months and am planning to do so for many more. If you appreciate that and think that the DCF is something that should happen vote for dated.



Delegate share has been reduced to 50% until further notice


I started to work for ARK as an independent contractor, thus losing my eligibility to partake in the GitHub Bounty program.


As made public at the time, the DCF has been abandoned and is not being actively developed at this point.


Delegate share has been reduced to 70% until further notice

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