Address: AbxUBkEmEGb3kahQUKJ6LfqsKWGcy3nTij
Rank 17
Voters 56
Vote Weight 576,676 Ѧ
Shares Rewards
Payout 50%
Payout min 0.1 Ѧ
Payout Max 0 Ѧ
Payout Interval 24h

Dutch Pool – ARK delegate proposal

Hi ARK-community, our delegate name is dutch_pool. We, kippers, st3v3n, fnoufnou and Thamar, have been in the DPoS world for around 2 years now and together we maintain this delegate. We started our first delegate adventure with Oxycoin and LWF and here we gained a lot of knowledge about DPoS, and to know what a good delegate should do/be, also how to run a secure node! We have created various tools to assist us in being a trustworthy delegate, and currently we are updating these tools to be available for the ARK DPoS environment.

About ourselves We are 4 individual tech "nerds" that like to understand DPoS, challenge each other, help each other e.g. vacation back-up for node maintenance and use our different skills (e.g. programming) to help the DPoS eco-system. We also go to DPoS/Crypto meet-ups in the Netherlands (Lisk-center) to share and gain knowledge.

About our tools Dpos-monitor – DPoS Monitor aims to give insight into the state of your DPoS nodes. The monitor can keep an eye on any number of local or external nodes, checking the state of certain variables at a configured interval. If a node is unreachable, the blockheight is incorrect or its version is outdated the monitor informs you using Telegram. The messages you receive are as concise and to the point as possible to give you an indication of what is wrong and what action should be taken. github.com/dutchpool/dpos-monitor. Includes support for both ARK mainnet and devnet.

Delegate Verifier – Delegate Verifier offers an automated and objective solution to rate a delegate's performance based on the information available in the blockchain. It offers various checks, such as comparing a delegate's promised payout to their actual payout, and awards trustworthy delegates a seal of quality. For active participants, the Delegate Verifier presents a DPoS token holder with a powerful starting point for tracking payouts and delegate trustworthiness. Currently available for the DPoS environments of Shift verifier.dutchpool.io/shift and Qredit verifier.dutchpool.io/qredit.

Extended ARK API – For ARK we are currently developing a new tool, which is an API that will contain data that is very hard/not possible to retrieve via the normal node API. More information on this will follow later.

DPoS-Crypto-Dashboard – An overview of all your important DPoS delegate information e.g. Rank, Amount of coins, Approval, Number of Votes and the difference of the last 24h. Currently being updated to support ARK v2. github.com/dutchpool/cdashboard

Various small other projects, see our github for more info on them.

About our commitment Currently we have 2 devnet nodes running (Thamar, kippers). To be able to operate the “Extended ARK API” and the “Delegate Verifier”, we are running a minimum of 3 ARK mainnet nodes. Besides that, we have our dutch_pool mainnet delegate also up and running.

  • Delegate: dutch_pool
  • Payout Share: 50%
  • Payout Freq: Daily
  • Payout script: TBW
  • Minimum pay-out: 0.1 ARK
  • Website: ark.dutchpool.io

Network setup on Azure (2 x devnet / 4 x mainnet)

  • CPU: 2 Core
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 40 GB SSD

Thank you for your time. Please consider a vote for dutch_pool or a donation to support our activities! More info about Dutch Pool, our mission, our other tools and contributions to the DPoS ecosystem, please visit dutchpool.io

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