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Thank you for taking the time to read my delegate proposal!


My name is Ray but you may know me on Slack as Ray.Alva. I have been an ARK Community member for over a year and I’ve been part of the ARK Community Committee since its inception. Recently, with your support, I was elected to a position within the ARK Community Fund as a board member. As ARK continues to grow and expand, so to must the vision and actions we cultivate for the future. We must undertake more sophisticated and impactful outreach initiatives that will introduce ARK to a wider demographic, namely businesses, government entities, working professionals, and the academic community. It is in that regard, that I am proposing the formation of my delegation. I will be running under the name Echo delegate and I am currently seeking your support, to help bring ARK to the forefront of the Blockchain Industry.


I have worked in insurance, intellectual property, and financial transactional law for over 4 years in the state of Florida. In addition, I have a CPA license and currently I am working on the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program (Passed level 1 in 2018). In addition to law and finance, I have a passion for outreach initiatives and connecting with companies and individuals to find creative solutions for their business needs.

Besides law, I have also worked on the social media side of things as more of a hobby and creative outlet. In the past I managed a network of YouTube partners with subscriber bases that totaled over 10 million subscribers. I mention this because running a delegate will also require proper marketing. I am up to date on the latest algorithm and best practices for the major social media platforms and I will use this to my advantage in order to promote ARK and my delegate more effectively.


I will be executing the day to day operations and business-side of the delegate. In support of transparency, I am mentioning here that I’ve temporarily enlisted Cam from CYJ to handle the operation of Echo Delegate’s nodes. His experience, trustworthiness, and track record within the ARK community make him the best candidate for this and it will allow me to focus 100% of time on executing the vision of this delegate. Especially during the beginning which is the most crucial time for any business endeavor.

He will be helping me on the technical side and within 3 months we will find a technical partner to replace him.


I want ARK to resonate with each individual and become a solution and method of incorporating blockchain technology into everyday life. Despite an individual’s technical prowess, I believe everyone should be able to harness the power of blockchain. I believe that in the Financial and Legal community cryptocurrency is often misunderstood and vastly underrepresented. I will use the forged rewards from Echo Delegate to create the following outreach initiatives in an effort to create more exposure for the ARK Ecosystem. The initiatives will revolve around the following three principles: Presentations, Legal Analysis/Writing, and Recruitment.


Presentations will be a major cornerstone of the work undertaken at Echo Delegate. When we first begin, the majority of the presentations will take place in the Florida-area. Later on with the help of forged rewards, I hope to expand these initiatives to the entire US east coast. Outreach at these events will focus on business professionals, government officials, and organizations that will help expand our network of potential clients and supporters for the ecosystem. I will refer any and all interested parties to the ARK Team which can guide them from there.

Organizations and Universities that have been contacted thus far:

  • Barry University
  • CFA Society – Miami, Florida
  • Dade County Bar Association
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Florida International University
  • Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce
  • Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce
  • Miami-Dade Community College
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • St. Thomas University School of Law
  • University of Florida School of Law
  • University of Miami School of Law

I am of the opinion that the current outreach initiatives undertaken by have been good. However, with V2 currently running, we should do everything in our power to position ARK as the most capable technology that can spur adoption. In my opinion outreach efforts at the grassroots level with our community members can be handled by a small team, whereas a majority of the outreach efforts should be focused on establishing larger partnerships. As I said above, I do not speak for ARK and I will not represent myself as an ARK representative. But I will conduct my delegate in a manner which will get ARK in front of more and more individuals on a monthly basis. Its time to highlight ARK’s strengths and start bringing more people into the fold.

Presentations will be given based on my knowledge of blockchain law and taxation. The main focal point of the presentation will be ARK. The presentation will highlight ARK’s current use-cases as well as potential use-cases, ARK’s ease of use, and an overview of the way law is shaping in the U.S. regarding blockchain technology.


For this part of the business I will be focused on creating a collection of well-written and researched articles that will cover a wide variety of legal and financial topics but incorporate ARK as a cryptocurrency utility case. ARK will be the case study and the focal point of my writings and I will actively publish these articles outside of the traditional cryptocurrency media channels in order to get new eyes on ARK.

Currently the articles are being written here on Medium. The title of the publication is The Blockchain Bench. This generic name does not show any favoritism towards any type of blockchain business. Instead the generic name will allow the publication to reach a wider audience and introduce them to ARK in a more organic way. My first article on the publication, The Token Taxonomy Act, received over 1900 views at the time of writing and was handpicked by Medium curators and staff to be featured in their cryptocurrency section. I will use my signature line to provide a section called “Learn About ARK” and have links to the ARK website, slack, discord, and all social media platforms.

Using The Blockchain Bench, I can consistantly publish stories that are focused on how the law in the U.S. (or abroad) impacts the cryptocurrency sector and the average user. The lack of content in this area is large and we can take advantage of this gap to not only inform and educate others, but to expose them to the ARK Ecosystem. For this purpose, we can use ARK as an example as a use case, as a model for what qualifies as a utility token under the law, and as a delegated proof of stake system that will serve as the model for the rest of the industry.


Without a healthy influx of new community members even the most promising projects can stagnate. One of my main overall goals with doing presentations is being able to have face to face interactions with people that are looking to get involved in blockchain technology but do not know where to start. This is important for me because when I came to ARK I felt that I would not fit in because I did not have a background in coding or development. Yet, time and time again I see individuals with skills from all walks of life utilizing them here and making our community one of the strongest in the entire industry.

All of my presentations will be held during networking events, conferences, or “Lunch and Learns” that I have set up thru the proper channels for each organization. My main goal during these presentations will be to educate the audience on blockchain technology and encourage them to get involved within our community.

How can we get people at presentations to join the ARK Community? Calls To Action (“CTA”s)

  • One section of the presentation will ask the audience to download the ARK mobile app. At the end of the presentation one person will be chosen at random and receive ARK.

  • Many students are looking for opportunities to gain experience. This is why a majority of my presentations are at major Florida educational institutions. Whether they are studying computer engineering, development, marketing, or journalism – ARK has a place for them.

  • ARK Cards – At every presentation I will be giving out ARK Cards. Think of it as a ticket to the ecosystem. This card will contain a QR code with a channel-specific invite to the ARK discord server (Mod approval pending) that will be a landing page for individuals who reach us thru my outreach initiatives. From there we can make sure that they head to the right place, whether it’s to go vote for a delegate, to participate in the ARK Community Committee, or participate in many of the community-run contests we have going on.


  • 85% will be paid out every 3 days to voters
  • 10% will go towards funding Echo Delegate’s outreach initiatives.
  • 5% will go towards server management and maintenance.


I want to thank you all for your attention and consideration. I look forward to gaining your vote and working alongside you to bring ARK the recognition it deserves. If you have any questions regarding my proposal please feel free to contact me on Reddit or Slack:

  • My reddit name is u/arkjd
  • My slack name is Ray.Alva
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