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FOLY - Friends of little Yus


FOLY delegate is a two-person team consisting of PJ and emsy who are both active ARK community developers for several years. We have completed multiple(solo and team-based) projects. Our first team project was ARK Scooters and this is where we first met. We have been continuing to collaborate and here we are explaining our goals and vision in order to, hopefully, run as a delegate. We have a background of unique yet complementary technical skills. emsy is a Dutch full stack software engineer and has developed a large-scale real-time chat application with custom business logic for a company with over 100k customers. His expertise will lead the security and operation of the forging node. PJ is a Canadian electrical engineer and business owner. He has led the development of multiple microcontroller ASICs and embedded wireless electronic devices. PJ has taken several electronic products from proof of concept to high volume manufacturing for some of the largest consumer electronic brands. We will operate the delegate with utmost professional conduct.

Delegate goals

Our main goal is that we would like to develop products which can be used to showcase ARK. We would like to demonstrate how and what you’re able to develop using the ARK ecosystem as a toolkit. Another goal is that we would like to lower the bar and offer services which get developers, new or familiar, started easier and faster. We created a bridgechain called Radians for developers to prototype / test with. Developers can submit their plugin and we will host it on our bridgechain, for free! Our vision is to build with ARK and demonstrate its potential to users. We have identified specific opportunities to market ARK and create collaborations with engineering communities outside of the current Slack / Reddit online communities.

In order to reach our goals and vision we would use the forging rewards to cover the costs of hosting, licenses, projects, prototype hardware, outsourcing and donations to encourage other projects / developers to work with ARK. By forging for contributions we believe that we can grow ARK as a whole which is in the end in all our interest.

Please consider voting for us if you agree with our goals and vision.

ARK contributions

Some of our past and current projects.

  • Radians - a bridgechain built for community developers for rapid prototyping. Existing project website:
  • ARK Scooters - a scooter rental solution where users can rent scooters using a mobile app and pay with tokens.
  • Arkifier - a notification service which emails you when your delegate loses forging power.
  • ArkPromo - a loyalty program on the blockchain.
  • Socket Event Forwarder - a bridgechain plugin which forwards blockchain events through WebSockets enabling real-time data transfer to applications.
  • ArkCrypto Browserified - a solution which enables developers to use the ARK crypto package in Chrome and Safari browsers.

ARK mainnet, devnet and bridgechain nodes

These nodes are all currently operating.

  • ARK mainnet main forger - 4 CPU 8GB RAM.
  • ARK mainnet back-up forger - 4 CPU 8GB RAM.
  • ARK mainnet relay - 2 CPU 4GB RAM.
  • ARK devnet forger - 2 CPU 4GB RAM.
  • Radians genesis - 2 CPU 4GB RAM.
  • Radians relay - 4 CPU 8GB RAM.
  • Arkifier - 2 CPU 4GB RAM.

Additional servers to support IoT development

These nodes are currently operating and will be expanded to support IoT projects and services on our roadmap.

  • ThingsBoard IoT Dashboard.
  • Node-Red.
  • MQTT brokers.

Technical Project & Services Roadmap

These are projects that will potentially be developed if we achieve a forging position.

  • Arkifier 2.0 with Compendia support.
  • API token authorization plugin.
  • Custom IoT Registration / Transactions on Radians Bridgechain.
  • Custom ARK powered IoT authentication and secure communication protocols on Radians Bridchain.
  • Proof of concept IPFS interface via Compendia Bridgechain.
  • IoT sensors logging on Radians Bridgechain.
  • ARK IoT DIY development kits.
  • ARK Interactive IoT demo kits.
  • Multiplayer gaming using ARK blockchain technology.
  • Immutable ARK plugins.
  • Development mentoring.
  • Marketing and outreach to technical communities outside of ARK and blockchain.
  • Transaction confirmation plugin.
  • Ensure event data delivery plugin.
  • Revamp ARK Pay to support multiple bridgechain networks.


We’re both active on the ARK Slack. You may DM @PJ and @emsy if you need help or have questions / project ideas.

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