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Payout 85%
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Payout Interval 24h

We are SuperCool and Skeuo, together we would like to present SuperSkeuo.

Why? We want to help and support the community and product that we feel inspired by. By being part of a community orientated delegate, we aim to inspire people to do more. To not only get them investing in the product but to also get them invested in the community.

Only when we work together evaluating every idea equality can we move forward to a future that is best for the currency, community, and ecosystem.

How? Being an actively forging delegate allows us to use our forged ark to support our own endeavors and those of others which we enjoy and support. Having a key position within the community gives us a bird’s-eye view of the sentiment, the wishes, and needs. This helps us in taking a direction that ensures that the funds we spend will not go to waste.

What? As a delegate, we focus on making the community bigger and smarter. Examples of this are the praised ‘Day one with Ark’ guide by Skeuo and SuperCool’s board membership to the Ark Community Fund. During our time as a delegate, we will build and improve tools that allow us to achieve our goals.

Our first tool will give us the possibility of involving other people in our plans and it could also give community members the chance to see their ideas become reality.

It’s called the ‘Bounty Race’. When we or the community have an idea that requires knowledge, skills or time that we do not have we can post this as a bounty. What kind of bounties are possible and how are they chosen? A bounty should always do one of these two things:

  • Improve the Ark ecosystem or help others with improving it

  • Bring joy to the Ark community

We welcome everyone to suggest bounties. At this stage, we focus on offering regular competitions that are accessible to all community and team members and require a small level of commitment to avoid stagnation and encourage participation.

Bounties will always be chosen by us, but we will let ourselves be influenced by the community when there is an overwhelming demand we will happily make it happen.

Claiming a bounty can go one of two ways:

  • On smaller/easier bounties the first one to deliver a realistic/professional solution will win the bounty.

  • On more complex bounties people can claim the reward by giving a concept for the solution including a time table. When approved the claimer will work on his solution once this is done the reward will be given.


Challenge: Take a photo of a hotdog with ARK written in sauce on top of it.


  • There must be two valid entries for the bounty to be claimed, if achieved, the bounty is split between the first two valid entries.

  • Must be a proper hotdog bun and frankfurt or kransky

Where do the rest of the forged ark go and what happens when there is no active bounty?

  • 70% will go to our voters using TBW, daily.

Previously 5% off all forgings would go to the bounty fund. With current market activities we have decided to stop filling the bounty wallet temporarily until further notice or the bounty wallet is empty.

The SuperSkeuo fund will be used to support the Bounty Race when there is an active bounty, it can be used to tip community members that have made an effort to improve the ecosystem and it can be used to pay designers, programmers or other experts that we may use to achieve our goals.

While these are our current fund distributions they may change in the future. As the price of Ark increases, we will move more rewards to our voters and less to the delegates, operational costs and the SuperSkeuo Fund.

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