Address: AeZ4cU2kungb5hP73RVo47aK4S6Sfx9Kim
Rank 40
Voters 18
Vote Weight 1,372,268 Ѧ
Shares Rewards
Payout 85%
Payout min 0 Ѧ
Payout Max 0 Ѧ
Payout Interval 24h

The Bobbie Bunch biography

We are a Belgian/Dutch cooperative of Bobbie and SoLiDeNL. In crypto we go way back with some (very) successful project investments, and others who turned out to be disasters. We both have our skillset, very complementary to each other. Bobbie is great hands-on developer while SoLiDeNL is a community pleasing communication expert.

Why ARK?

We got acquainted with ARK through Compendia (formerly known as nOS). What have we already achieved:

  • We won the nOS developer contest by creating a dApp called Waffle. It was a full-featured raffle game.

  • Since day 1 we are the number 1 validator on Compendia with our own written TBW payout script.

  • We also have our own Compendia validator website including a dashboard for our voters (after registration + verification) on

  • On Compendia we run a stable foring node and 2 stable relay nodes! On ARK we will also run 1 forging and 1 relay node.

  • We created the validators platform for Compendia ( You can compare it with

    -> with a validator monitor for missed blocks:

    -> with a validator health report:

    -> with a network status monitor including an interactive world map to see the spread of the relay nodes:

Our plans

We want to graft the things we've done for Compendia on ARK. We will payout up-to 85% to our voters in the beginning, but that number will possibly change as our delegate position becomes more stable! First we want to convert our website to become accessible for both our ARK and Compendia voters with the ability to verify both wallets. Afterwards we will create all our apps, tools,... for both platforms! Our first new thing will be eNIGMA, more information tba.... 😉

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