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My name is Wes, I’m a 29 year old Canadian Software Developer that is studying Computer Science. I’ve been absolutely hooked on new technology ever since the first time I connected to the internet. Whether it be building computers from scratch or tinkering with new Android phones…I’ve always had my hand in some new tech at one point or another. Having said that, an Ark related project is what I’d like to play with next. Following Bitcoin and a couple well-known crypto projects from a distance for the last few years has certainly been interesting due to the ups and downs, but I feel that right now is the time for a huge shift towards mass adoption. I love this project for their recognition of what is needed to move the value of blockchain into the hands of many. Ark is going to fill a gap that is long overdue, I’d like to be here to learn and grow with it.

Background - Skills - Experience

Part1: Life before code.

I’m fully Bilingual (French and English) and I’ve studied a few years of Mechanical Engineering but eventually moved into working financial / insurance sector. Grinding up the corporate ladder allowed me have different roles (3rd level Tech Support, Business Analyst, Software Developer ). I absorbed certain types of knowledge which could potentially benefit the Ark project. Large financial corporations are incredibly well structured, have significant documentation and processes, powerful reporting, detailed project lifecycles, elaborate incident management as well as disaster recovery plans\ exercises etc… Quite often the IT side of these corporations will follow “ITIL/ITSM” guidelines. To put it out there, I’m ITIL Foundations Certified. This type of knowledge is part of what I can bring to the table and I feel there’s a lot to learn from the way these big corporations run in order to effectively manage, support and scale a project as awesome as Ark.

Part2: Life after code

While working the insurance sector, I began to fall in love with programming in my free time and was promoted to Software Developer (mostly client/server work). I learned how large scale financial systems are structured, maintained, upgraded, and supported. Even got my hands dirty with some old school COBOL code. Mainframe systems are grossly rigid and outdated, yet they are incredibly beautiful because they are so fast and nearly unbreakable. There’s a very good reason most of the financial industry world wide are still using this type of dated tech from the 1960’s. For this reason, I completely understand the precautions and attention to detail that are going into solidifying the code for Ark. *fist bump @fixcrypt *. At this point in my life, I am absolutely 100% focused on becoming a skilled programmer and learning this crypto industry inside out. Deciding to go back to University at age 28 in order to complete a computer science degree was the best decision of my life. I’m currently working on Java/ C / Linux, but have plans to learn other languages and tinker with Project X in the near future.

My Proposal Summary – “Win for voters, Win for Project X”

  • 97% - Profit Sharing – Ark Re-distributed back to Voters every Monday night ( weekly payout)
  • 3% - Project X – Direct Funding Model and Node Support

97% - Profit Sharing - Ark distributed back to voters

“Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.”

I want my node to sustain a position on the network, this is part of my incentive to retain votes. There are no maximums in my pool, you get exactly your percentage weekly. My motivations should be quite clear:

  • I’m here because I’ve found my calling as a software developer and have ideas that I’d like to explore.
  • Win-Win situations are the foundations of good business and sustained community growth.
  • I truly believe in karma.

3% - Project X Fund

What is Project X? I am genuinely interested in creating a communication app/platform that could have anonymity features and be quantum safe. There’s been a few interesting hardware advancements related to quantum that seem promising and I’d love to spend my time adding value to the community by building something that is valuable and easy to use. These efforts will require time,energy,money and potentially other software developers. I will of course be completely transparent with our plans, potential expenditures (ie:hardware).

What are the benefits of this “Direct Funding” model? A steady flow and buildup of Ark should sustain early stage incubation which in turn should attract even more exterior infusions of Ark from other community members down the line. Here we have a commitment to a project from both the voters and the delegate. Both parties receive benefits for their support.

What does Wes personally gain from working on Project X?

  • The project can count as an Extra University Credit (Saving me roughly 1000$ and taking an academic load off one of my semesters).
  • There is a possibility that project efforts in the following 2018 summer could count towards my 4th year thesis.
  • Spending more time working on the “fun and interesting” things I truly want to work on.
  • When graduating I’ll have more specialized experience and a larger portfolio.
  • Will have made many new awesome friends and worldwide connections.

Backup Project Z

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan, or a second project on the go for that matter. In the event that the hardware I’m trying to work with isn’t capable of achieving the needed results and there’s no point in continuing further, I do have another plan. I could also decide it’s worth executing both of these projects at once. A business service platform for a very profitable industry I’ve envisioned could use ARK in a few ways and generate more usability and average consumer adoption, but the end goal would be to pass the “positives” mostly onto small/medium/large business owners who suffer from large transaction fees/problems for using POS systems. This has nothing to do with the Ark Card, it’s something different, but I think would add value to a specific industry. My brother is directly connected to this industry and we are working together to see if there’s a real possibility for this type of software / platform adding value to business owners and customers alike. Stay tuned for more.


I’m looking for partners in one way or another. Partners who want to earn Ark by voting, Partners who want to support our community or the progression of ideas and Partners who believe in good karma and good business. Let’s initiate this partnership and take Ark to the moon!

Source: https://forum.ark.io/topic/165/wes-97-profit-sharing-pool-3-fund-project-x-secure-anonymous-quantum-safe-messaging-platform-no-maximum-payouts

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