Address: AY3jwZ5NoJMrXpTjtAFmTfddS4jiWPp4bD
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Voters 55
Vote Weight 1,316,896 Ѧ
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Payout 75%
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Payout Interval 24h
My contributions Created on: 2020-02-15 23:49:50

My contributions:

-Running my (public) delegate without any downtimes (obviously :D )

-Producing educational videos in English and German about blockchains in general with built-in connections to the ARK ecosystem in every episode

-Paying out 75% of forged ARK since the other 25% are being used to run the server and pay out my audio engineer (and video editor in the near future)

  • I will be providing summarizations of the ARK crypto podcast in german and record these.

-Payout-minimum: 0,01 ARK

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