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Ark.Land Introduction


We’re an established forging delegate on Ark and Persona. Our goal is to be an Ark Ecosystem delegate, which means that everything we build for Ark, will also be ported to all other ecosystem projects, and everything we build for other forks will also be ported to Ark! We’re very excited to be part of this community! Our voter’s panel is designed to keep payouts as consistent and fair as possible. Current features include:

  • True Vote Weight: Wallet balances are calculated as we forge blocks, you can track your balance on our website
  • Anti Hopper System: As voter’s balances are calculated as we forge blocks, hoppers will not be able to receive payouts. Hoppers are penalized by losing their accumulated balance.
  • Daily Payouts: Daily payouts for accounts with at least 35 Ark. The min balance to receive a payout for smaller wallets is 0.01 Ark.
  • Minimum Vote: 5 Ark: You need to have at least 5 Ark to vote for us. If you don’t, please contact us before voting.
  • Share balance and payments logs
  • Fees are covered by the pool All payment fees are covered. To get your voting fee covered by us, please PM @arkland on ARK's Slack

We believe this is a great starting point to ensure fair and consistent payouts. This pool is great for both small and large voters, but small voters get to enjoy daily payouts and covered payment and voting fees, we’re the only delegate that offer such benefits!

We run a web development and consulting LLC and I’ll be hosting my nodes in dedicated virtual machines in our own servers. The servers have plenty of room for expansion as necessary, current nodes have the following hardware:

Ark.Land Nodes

We support the devnet by actively maintaining devnet nodes running. All nodes are protected against DDOS attacks.

To get started voting for us, vote for the delegate “arkland”. Balances are calculated every 10 minutes as we forge blocks. You can check your status here:

1 2

Some of our contributions to the Ark Ecosystem:

Ark Christmas Lottery Our first Christmas Lottery runs on the Ark’s smart bridges! There are 100 tickets available, from 000 to 099, and each ticket costs 1 Ark (1.1 Ark including the transaction fee). Drawings will happen on December 26th, at midnight EST time (UTC -5), and one lucky winner will be awarded up to 100 Ark!

Ark New Year's Raffle We’ve got so much support for our Christmas Lottery, that we decided to run a New Year’s Raffle :smile:

Ark Valentine's Raffle We’ve sold out all of our tickets in our Valentine’s Raffle in less than 24 hours!

Free transactions for all of our voters! How to install the Ark Mobile Wallet Natively on iOS (No more Ionic View) — Windows | OS X and Linux

How to install the Ark Mobile Wallet Natively on iOS (No more Ionic View) — Windows | OS X and Linux How to install the Ark Mobile Wallet Natively on iOS (No more Ionic View) — Windows | OS X and Linux

Persona's Community Forum Persona's Community Forum

Snapshot Low-latency Delivery Network Snapshot Low-latency Delivery Network

Introducing: ArkLand Calculator v1 Introducing: ArkLand Calculator

We have collaborated with The Golden Horde and develop an auction site to auction one of their awesome art pieces, The Ark Awakens!

Ark Spring Raffle 2019

ARK Fees | Fee metrics, calculators and network info for ARK

Thank you very much for reading my proposal, I hope to have you as a voter and to start sharing my forged Ark with you soon!

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