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Arktide delegate is designed to fund a new startup focused on seasteading projects. Seasteading will allow us to create decentralized communities of floating homes, businesses, and research facilities. Our focus is to build not only for human benefit, but to benefit the seas and world around us.


  • Artificial islands. This may take many forms, but the goal is to create new land affordably and environmentally friendly, and share these methods with the world.
  • Clean air. We have registered with XPRIZE for their $100,000,000 carbon removal prize, and intend to sequester carbon by promoting natural ocean processes.
  • Sealife. We will grow new coral reefs, kelp forests, and other natural habitats which have long been destroyed by human activity to support new life in our oceans.
  • Fresh Water. Current fresh water sources are being depleted or polluted around the world. Not only do we intend to produce fresh water for these islands, but share our research to efficiently create fresh water for all.
  • Energy. The oceans provide tremendous potential energy, more than enough to meet current and future global needs, which we will begin to harness to support the above efforts.


Ark earned will only go to pay for labor and materials costs related to the above projects, in additional to infrastructure costs. Consistent updates about this important work will be shared on the News tab, as well as our forthcoming website.

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