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10 weeks have passed! Thanks from ArkFah! Created on: 2020-09-17 02:10:06

Heyyyyy! 10 weeks have passed since ArkFah project was launched, time flies!

With the original goal of joining hands with scientists to help repel the COVID epidemic, and promote Ark’s good image to the community, ArkFah has received widespread support! ArkFah has achieved impressive milestones! As of today, ArkFah’s ranking is 747 of 254828 and is growing continuously!

Ray.Alva and I are very surprised by the success of this project, thank you for joining us, especially to the sponsors who have supported the project! We hope to continue to receive your support in the future!

Let [email protected] with ArkFah and earn up to 200 ARK (and BIND soon) weekly! Get started at!

P/S: 10th payout (9/7 to 9/13) has been sent (tx).

arktoshi delegate 75% sharing rewards - True Block Weight! Created on: 2020-07-04 16:05:25

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