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ArkFAH will integrate $BIND (Compendia) Created on: 2020-10-12 15:59:34

Hi guys, so another month has passed since the last update!

As shared with you, ArkFAH is a project developed by Ray.Alva (echo delegate) and Tin (arktoshi delegate) together. Thanks to your generous support, this project has achieved a very proud result. ( Team ranking 617 of 255109. )

Last update, I mentioned $BIND will be integrated into ArkFAH, and we are very close to the completion date.

Today I want to reveal more information about the future of the ArkFAH project to you. In the upcoming update ( ArkFAH v2), not only $BIND but $XQR will be integrated into ArkFAH as well. And in the future, all tokens running on the ARK Core will also be integrated.

For more convenience in tracking and managing, I have written a dashboard so that folders can update their wallet address. Thus, in addition to joining hands to fight the epidemic, users will receive valuable rewards every week.

Given that arkfah delegate/validator is currently in a forging position at Qredit and Compendia project, the number of weekly rewards shared to users will be very attractive and the project can be operated in the long term with abundant capital.

I'm done with the front-end, and the back-end is being done by king turt (alessio/fun delegate). Here are some images of the front-end. Please calm down and wait for more information from us!

P/S: 14th payout (10/5 to 10/11) has been sent (tx)

10 weeks have passed! Thanks from ArkFah! Created on: 2020-09-17 02:10:06

Heyyyyy! 10 weeks have passed since ArkFah project was launched, time flies!

With the original goal of joining hands with scientists to help repel the COVID epidemic, and promote Ark’s good image to the community, ArkFah has received widespread support! ArkFah has achieved impressive milestones! As of today, ArkFah’s ranking is 747 of 254828 and is growing continuously!

The good news we want to share with you, ArkFah will be integrating $BIND in the near future! People who join [email protected] with ArkFah will receive an award of $ARK and $BIND (Compendia network - Powerd by ARK) in future. We are actively working to complete the integration (thanks to alessio/fun delegate). More details will be announced soon! Stay tuned!

Ray.Alva and I are very surprised by the success of this project, thank you for joining us, especially to the sponsors who have supported the project! We hope to continue to receive your support in the future!

Let [email protected] with ArkFah and earn up to 200 ARK (and BIND soon) weekly! Get started at!

P/S: 10th payout (9/7 to 9/13) has been sent (tx).

arktoshi delegate 75% sharing rewards - True Block Weight! Created on: 2020-07-04 16:05:25

Link to proposal:

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