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Updating contributions to ARK over the past years Created on: 2020-10-10 09:32:51

Several of our contributions in the past years include: co-founding the ACF, 2nd place in the ARK Art Design Contest, being first to get ARK Core 0.1.0 running on a Raspberry Pi (testnet) with techbytes, being awarded a prize as one of 'the magnificent seven' for tirelessly testing core code before launch at block 75,600 and having created ARK News (no longer live) & several blogposts about ARK.

Short introduction of involvement in wider ARK ecosystem Created on: 2020-10-07 12:28:38

We are and do contribute to the wider Ark ecosystem & communities, by producing useful information repositories, blogs for Compendia users/voters, and supporting database contributions, when the functionality is available. Alongside that, we will continue to support Qredit and their team through Arks' MarketSquare.

We will be similarly engaged with the Ark community and are aiming to contribute similar efforts for the Ark network.

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