Address: AbUdMhk96FbzxH7vDYAwdyqUELmLopZV5x
Rank 99999
Voters 993
Vote Weight 176,440 Ѧ
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Payout 0%
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Payout Interval 0h
Delegate resignation Created on: 2020-07-04 13:56:31

Dear voters, in coming days I will start process of turning off my delegate. My priority since day one was providing the best and secure service for ARK blockchain. Today, I am not able anymore continue this mission because of personal reasons. Here is the schedule of events:

4 July 2020 - Resignation announcement. 7 July 2020 - Last regular payout is made. I disable the automatic payout software. 11 July 2020 - Clearing of pool database, all pending amounts are send. Delegate account resignation. 13 July 2020 - Shut down of my website and mainnet nodes.

What it means for me as a delegate bioly voter? All you need is to remember that after delegate account resignation at 11 July I will not forge anymore, even with sufficient voters approval so most probably you want switch your votes. At the end I want to thank all my voters, ARK community and the team. It was great journey, but everything ends one day. I’m going to stay as a community member and devnet supporter. Bye!

Sharing percent lowering Created on: 2020-03-29 21:57:35

Dear voters, starting 30 March I decrease my delegate share to 75%. The decision is dictated with current hard and uncertain economy situation. I always want keep best quality services for ARK network and I feel this is the right time to make decisions. Wish you good health and stay strong!

Sharing percent lowering Created on: 2019-10-04 11:07:41

Dear voters, due to long crypto bear market and my willing to keep the best services (dedicated nodes, maintaining pool, contributing) with the next payment (4th October) I lower my share by 5% to 85%. I hope you will understand my decision and keep your support. Thank you

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