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My wife is pregnant I need to take care of my family so I don’t have time to get more votes, I am so sorry. Thanks everyone for your support but delegate doom is no longer active ( out of top 51) so please unvote me, thank you. I love you guys, peace !

My name is doom

It would be great if you guys could vote for me, my delegate name is : doom

I am a video animation. I will be here on the slack and bitcointalk forum almost everyday because i have a lot of free time

So I will use the ark earn from forging to make video minimun once a week, maybe more because i am passionate about this project

My skills

  • I know how to make great video
  • I am fluent in french and in english. I did the french translation and I won the first place for the ark video bounty.
  • I think I won the most bounty here about 58 000 ark in total. I am so thankful for the ark team and community. And I am going to stay here till the end


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