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I made several Ark videos, which went viral and helped ARK making known in crypto-space:

I’m using Twitter and Youtube to explain what cryptos and Ark are about. This has been quite successful in the past, as I was able to spread my ACES video via Twitter almost having 800 Retweets.


72% profit share (effective payout for voters is 95%-100%) 28% paying Top10 Voters with fixed deals Due to excluded votes, possible higher rewards as expected (Look up calculators) I am excluding Top 10 voters and paying them with my 28% fund/personal share & savings. This results in a public payout equaling pools with a share between 95%-100%. My private share is between 3-5%.

I will not accept Votes above 20.000 ARK. Contact me before you vote me with more then 20.000 ARK.

Payment details

Time: I payout rewards every Sunday at 10:00 AM CET. Fees: I am covering the transaction fees.

The fees will be covered by the delegates account to support small holders. You have to be aware that you do not have any rights on the profit share and it is a voluntary payment from my side. You will not be able to claim any Ark from me should I decide not to pay it out. It is also completely up to me how I want to spend the Ark of my community project fund & reserve.


Youtube: www.youtube.com/dr10 Twitter: www.twitter.com/dr10tv Instagram: www.instagram.com/dr10tv Steemit: www.steemit.com/@dr10tv Twitch: www.twitch.tv/xdr10 Reddit: dr10tv Slack: @dr10

Source: https://forum.ark.io/topic/349/vote-dr10-youtube-social-media-effective-share-95-100-top10-voters-excluded-and-paid-seperately

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