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☕️ Espresso delegate, bringing quality code to ARK.

Hello everybody! I’m espresso delegate and together with my team we develop technologies for blockchain projects. We are a passionate team of Full Stack JS developers and our background is mostly from Lisk, but we have been following ARK since long time and now we decided to actively taking part of the project and community. We are here because we want to share our skills with the community/project.

Our mission

We have many missions. The first one is plain and simple. Forging is a serious task about maintaining a node in order to secure the blockchain and what we want is to provide a high standard service to the network. Our secondary long term dream goal would be to develop a welcoming “builders-only” community. This in order to create a building task force for the adoption, in order to be ready when there will be the need of getting the hands dirty for the serious projects. The whole idea is to create a developers marketplace to be hire/be hired and a inspiring lounge for open source/pro bono projects. On top of that we plan to share 70% to our voters. With the remaining 30% (somehow we need to finance ourselves) we plan to hold it and use it to develop our own tools for the ARK blockchain and pay the infrastructure costs. Our first step will be to port and report all of our tools suite to ARK.

Our history

As said in our introduction, our background is from a similar project. For Lisk we have developed and tested plenty of tools. Some tools had success and some others have been deprecated. Here is a list:

  • Lisk-Cute-Assistant: One of the most used Lisk Node management tools. Built in JS enables users to safely manage their Lisk Nodes via telegram
  • Lisk-Offline : A beautiful independent Lisk offline wallet built in TS. Enables users to create transactions, generate new wallets, making votes, register second passwords and more completely offline. Then the TXs are broadcasted via smartphone thanks to the QRCodes
  • Lisk-Rescue: A simple tool to recover lost funds from non standard passphrase.
  • Lisk-Paper: A beautiful and simple paper wallet generator with some custom wallet layouts, ideal for gifting crypto at Christmas.
  • Lisk-countdown: A simple block height countdown package that autocorrects itself according to the amount of missed blocks.
  • Lisk-hunt: (currently deprecated). A Producthunt copycat for Lisk’s blockchain. Upvote your project and choose your delegates.
  • Notifychain (currently deprecated). A notification service for DPOS blockchains. Users could receive emails, SMS and push notifications when something would happen on the blockchain. e.g. new transaction, new vote, position change and so on. Sadly the project didn’t have much traction, but we would be happy to spin up a v2 for ARK.
  • MrBotts (currently deprecated): A trading bot/cryptoscene manager. It allowed users to track their own wallets, make trades on the exchanges (Poloniex and Bittrex (Binance was not there yet)).

In the past one of our members took part also in the core team of Rise.

Our infrastructure

For production systems we strive for a 100% network productivity/uptime, while we try to smash our devnet nodes. On other DPOS projects we had a lowest of 99.95% of uptime. As infrastructure for Mainnet we a cluster of nodes. Our nodes are dedicated machines running in different providers in different locations. Our dedicated average machine runs on octacore processors with minimum 16GB of RAM.


Why espresso?

Because we convert coffee into code.

Do you consider Americano/Long/Latte/[Add your hot drink here...] as coffe?


Do you plan to support devnet network?

Of course, we are forging there and we use it for testing our tools.

Thank you for your time. Please consider a vote for espresso or a donation to support our activities!

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