Address: AJJQJky7gt5RY36WKY1weU8yZH1m6AjyF6
Rank 99
Voters 7
Vote Weight 217 Ѧ
Shares Rewards
Payout 85%
Payout min 0 Ѧ
Payout Max 0 Ѧ
Payout Interval 24h

Hello, I am a JavaScript/TypeScript developer who spent time researching blockchain. I started with Lisk a very long time ago but recently I began looking into Ark. I like what I see so I want to jump in 😊

Being a delegate will mean more than just keeping the network operational by forging blocks with a good uptime. I will use my income to contribute with new tools for Ark's community.

I have already set up my node on the devnet and I am confident of my ability to become a successful delegate on the mainnet as well.

I will share 85% of the forged Ark with the voters and pay every day.

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