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Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to read our proposal!

             What we currently do for ARK:

Hey everybody, in this section I would like to outline what me and my team already have brought to the table with ark, and then get into what we have planned for the next few days, weeks, months and hopefully well into the future:

3 relay nodes, each of which is hosted in a different data center in order to maximize redundancy

4x Dedicated CPU /16GB RAM Forging node: I have over-spec'd this node so that it can be as reliable as possible, and not miss out on any blocks to ensure the highest level of uptime for our supporters, and the network as a whole!

We have launched our own bridge chain; Quantum! We are currently also working on a set of projects for Quantum, ideally a secure blockchain messaging app utilizing the smartbridge functionality built into ARK and it's respective bridge chains! This is a work in progress, but I plan to update it and continue developing it!

Furthermore, I plan on developing and providing tutorials and assistance where I can to people who may be looking to creating their own bridge chain but did not know where to begin. I have been informed this will be of great value to the community and plan to consider developing my own, and helping people to create theirs regardless of if I am elected or not!

        What we plan to do for ARK:

As stated above, we plan to continue the production of bridge chains, and offer the community a delegate that actually is putting to use one of the main principals of ARK.

Secondly, we plan to help bring ARK, along with other cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain technology they bring to people around us. I (Kosechi) personally plan to create a club at my university, which has a goal of teaching people how to utilize the amazing technology ARK is based on.

Thirdly, (this one is not set in stone yet, but it is something I would love to do if possible) I would like to integrate the custom messaging application I plan to make (If I am able to pull that off that is, but knowing this community, with your all's support I think I can!) into the ARK wallet, as a plugin, in order to streamline it's usage!

Edit: https://github.com/ArkEcosystemArchive/poc-ark-messenger Exists and was brought to my knowledge, it looks awesome, show them some love!

In addition, we plan to actually be transparent as delegates, and reachable. Some people who are delegates are not as engaged with the community, and as such do not understand what the community needs and can benefit from. We plan to be not only active in the community but plan to help further everything ARK stands for, and help people who plan to use it however we can!

As a commitment to our transparency I wanted to provide our following contact info: Contact Info: You can reach our delegate team, with any ideas, questions, suggestions, comments, concerns, or if you just want to hang out via the following ways!


Kosechi: Kosechi#5517 CX_Inferno: CEO Of Germany#3311 Birdman: That One Guy Down The Street#0474

I, Kosechi, am the best one to reach about technology related issues, questions about bridge chain deployment, and general knowledge about blockchains, ark, and other cryptocurrencies.

Birdman, is the best one to reach about general concerns reaching our proposal, and marketing/usecases.

CX_Inferno is best to reach about technology if you are unable to reach me, (Kosechi) for whatever reason, he assists me in running my relays, and helps me test bridgechain deployments.

Payout information:

Our delegate plans to share rewards in the following way:

Shared with voters, using true block weight to ensure fair voting: 85%

  • Paid out daily with no minimum (We attempt to be friendly to newbies!)
  • No vote cap!
  • Important!!!!!!! [The forging node is still syncing currently, this is a process that will take an additional about 10 hours, you are more than welcome to vote for us now, but please understand that you will not get any rewards until the forging node is set up, furthermore, obviously if we are not elected into the top 51, rewards will not be generated and cannot be paid out until then]

-- Important: for anywhere from the first week to the first few weeks, the payout will be 85%, this is just to compensate for the costs of setting up the VPS's, I have had to pay out of pocket for them, and I need to be able to pay off my credit card (I didn't skimp on the VPS specs, so it cost me quite a bit)! Afterwards, this will go up to at least 90%

Also: going forward, any changes to the payout policy will be made public 14 days in advance of them going live, (Unless some absolute emergency comes up, e.g I'm about to loose my house/someone in my family gets hurt, and medical expenses are insane (American healthcare moment) ) this is to give people a chance to understand why it will be changed, and allow people to vote accordingly.

Kept: 15% Will be distributed as follows: -will be used to pay the team members for their contributions to the proposal and their work

-paying bills for VPS hosting; electricity costs for the server rack I have at home, note: this server does NOT run the forging relay, or any ARK mainnet relay, it is used to test code and projects before we push them to mainnet to ensure they work as intended, but since it runs 24/7 it does consume quite a bit of power.

-Investing back into the ARK project when possible:

-Helping our team members to pay for their general daily expenses when possible, we are university students, so chipping away at our student debt is also something we would like to do when possible!

-Paying the initial club fee ($450 is what I was told, I will provide an actual amount and documentation of it when I speak with administration again) at my university to found the aforementioned club to teach people about blockchain and development!

-After initial expense are paid off the kept amount will go down to 10% and the payout will go up to 90%


I will update this regularly, incase I missed something or need to change something

Special Thanks! To: -The ARK team -Nayiem Willems#1971 (Discord) -alexesm#9967 -Goose#5616 -Brynn_ARK#9045 -The amazing ARK community!

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