Address: AVL2SfiaaKPD6dV3KwFxqcBbzmtfeYDaoj
Rank 82
Voters 16
Vote Weight 1,658 Ѧ
Shares Rewards
Payout 70%
Payout min 0 Ѧ
Payout Max 0 Ѧ
Payout Interval 24h

Last updated: 2020-08-24


Hello there, thank you kindly for reading my delegate proposal 👋

My name is lemii and I’ve been active in the crypto world since 2014. For the last few years I’ve been mostly interested in DPoS projects. I enjoy contributing to promising projects and my intention is to do so for ARK as well.

Delegate goals

The goal of my delegacy is to contribute to the ARK ecosystem in various ways. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Secure the network
  • Create tools
  • Provide services
  • Contribute to ARK's codebase

I am running a delegate website on which you can find all contributions that I have done thus far: ARKRelay.com.

Being in a forging position enables me to maintain all existing ARKRelay tools and services, work on new exciting things, and keep on contributing to ARK's codebase.

Voting Rewards

  • Mechanism: True Block Weight
  • Sharing percentage: 70%
  • Payout interval: Daily
  • Payout threshold: Not applicable
  • Minimum balance: Not applicable
  • Fees: Covered by me


Thank you for time reading this. With this proposal I hope I have successfully demonstrated my value to the ecosystem. If you approve, consider a vote 👍

If you have any questions, please get in contact via the ARK slack channel. My username is 'lemii'.


Last updated: 2020-08-24

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