Address: AVMncouopK5AAfHJxPwDt581Z7L3WZFPyk
Rank 54
Voters 52
Vote Weight 298,049 Ѧ
Shares Rewards
Payout 90%
Payout min 0 Ѧ
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Payout Interval 168h

Super Artwork NFT Marketplace

Who am I?

  • Blockchain enthusiast living in the Netherlands. A forging delegate on the Qredit Blockchain and hopefully soon a forger on the Ark blockchain. My hobbies are arts, gaming, blockchain, programming and cars. I have now moved my focus to contribute to the Ark ecosystem and actively dedicate my time to boost the community in and around Ark.



  • A unique NFT marketplace for traders on the Ark and Qredit Blockchain. Super Artwork is a project fully focused on community development and 100% free giveaways. Super Artwork is using the QSLP and ASLP Module to create NFT collectibles on a regularly basis and distribute them to voters and community members. Join us on discord to learn more or visit the marketplace (still in development).

  • Super Artwork also allows others to freely advertise their NFT's on the marketplace and in the discord channel.

Future Contributions

  • Quarterly distribution of fresh, unique and high quality NFT's.
  • Development of Super Artwork NFT marketplace and NFT (Pinata) deployment kit.
  • 100% dedicated towards community development for Ark and Ark related blockchains with several future plans that will be announced after the marketplace goes live.

Payout Distribution

  • 85% Voters
  • 5% Project Development
  • 5% Operational Cost & Community Development
  • 5% Reserve

Other Distribution

  • Vote for Delegate "nft" on the Ark and/or Qredit Blockchain and automatically participate in the NFT lottery and make a chance to receive unique and high quality NFT's!


  • 1x Dedicated Server for mainnet
  • 2x VPS mainnet relays
  • 1x Dedicated Server for devnet


  • Special thanks to the Ark team for providing the blockchain framework.
  • Special thanks to the Qredit team for the tools for creating and deploying NFT's on the Ark and Qredit Blockchain.
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