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Hi everyone, we are OzPoolDelegate, a team of technology experts with 60 years combined experience. We have been actively purchasing and staking ARK for some time and want to continue to secure our assets and safeguard our future outside current financial institutes. We believe the ARK ecosystem provides a superior platform to achieve this.

Maximising your ARK investment - We work hard and PAY hard

We are tech nerds with the passion and ability to become a high uptime delegate, we will payout 96% with an additional 50 ARK first month lottery if we are voted into the top 51 delegates. We work together and crypto together establishing a slack channel and bringing our friends and family into crypto.

We have built a MainNet Node and a DevNet node as well as backup cold nodes for fast failover in the event of outage to ensure we keep on forging! All nodes are setup in different Datacentres locations to protect from localised outages.

Our team

  • Mark is our Lead Cloud and Automation Engineer. His experience includes a strong background in virtualisation, designing and managing highly available Cloud, Disaster Recovery and backup environments. He currently Supports a 1,500+ server Cloud environment with over 3.5Ptb of data.
  • Matt is our Project Manager, Developer and lead Crypto advisor. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in networking and Datacentres delivering 100’s of enterprise grade networks globally.
  • Clint is our Solutions Architect and social content, with an extensive background as a Systems Engineer, Security and End to End Solution Design. Clint has designed and built many Cloud, Network, Security and Disaster Recovery solutions.

Our proposal

Our mission is to become the highest up-time delegate. Below is our profit sharing model.

  • Provide easy to follow content for new adopters
  • Weekly Payout (for smaller ARK holders we will hold your ARK until you reach 0.5 ARK before paying)
  • Design a Forging server environment to be both Secure and Highly Available
  • Payout of 96% of every Ark forged after transactions, lottery and 6 ARK per day operating costs.
  • 30 ARK bonus lottery (50 first month) draw paid at random to one person a month in our pool (must be in our pool for a minimum of 1 week before lottery) when we are in the top 51 delegates


Delegate name: ozpooldelegate Email: [email protected] Slack: Clint_OzPoolDelegate Slack: Support_OzPoolDelegate Ark.io: OzPoolDelegate

Source: https://forum.ark.io/topic/536/ozpooldelegate-high-uptime-96-payout-monthly-ark-bonus-lottery

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