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Ahoj - Hello

I'm Advin, 39 years old, from Czech. I graduated Czech Technical University in Prague. We (I and my wife) own two grocery stores in Prague, Czech Republic (we're building the 3rd and largest one). We spend most of time developing our business, learning crypto and traveling.

I have three years experience with running nodes on multiple blockchains (Stratis, Ark, Eth2, Solar). I'm interested in Ark and Eth2 (POS) because they're energy efficient and environmentally friendly. I have run two Ark nodes in the past and I am currently running one Eth2 validator node.


  • 80% goes to voters
  • 20% reserved for covering infrastructure and development, promotion costs
  • Mechanism: True Block Weight
  • Payouts: Daily
  • No minimum/maximum payout



Securing the Arkblockchain is the most important thing, we will run multiple nodes for both mainnet and devnet to ensure the network stability.

  • Forging/Backup/Development nodes
  • Forging nodes: 4CPU,16GB RAM
  • Relay nodes: 2CPU, 8GB RAM


At our stores, in addition to the usual payment methods of cash and credit cards, customers can pay bills with crypto currencies like BTC ETH USDT.

We sticked the Ark logos everywhere in my stores, next to the BTC ETH USDT logos, we have been promoting Ark to our customers since Feb, 2022. We plan to accept payment in ARK in future.

Every day, our stores serve from 1000-1200 customers, peak times can be up to 1500 customers/day. Hopefully with such a plan, Ark can reach more people in EU.

Get in touch

You can reach me on Discord (username: Advin#9878) and Telegram.

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