Address: AFxEivcpPZb4eHJuraKTHnn5hoN6KunMmj
Rank 55
Voters 40
Vote Weight 249,645 Ѧ
Shares Rewards
Payout 80%
Payout min 0 Ѧ
Payout Max 0 Ѧ
Payout Interval 24h

Hello! I’m Cryptony, Delegate Promotor, a crypto enthusiast from the Netherlands. I joined ark in 2020 after looking for more eco-friendly blockchain solutions. And I have recently become more active in the ark community. I have experience as a marketing manager and promoter for a marketing company. In my job, I oversee the budget and make sure the right person is put on the right job. I want to do the same for ark.

Goal: It is my goal to use my delegate to promote and grow ark with the help of freelancers & content creators, creating a steady stream of ark promotion materials that the greater community can use.

Proposal: I will share 80% of the daily forging rewards directly with voters using a tried and tested TBW script. 20% of the forging rewards will be used to pay for freelancers, sponsor content creators, pay for server costs and pay me for my time invested.

How: Creating a steady stream of promotional materials is a full-time job. And it can be very demanding coming up with a new idea or a new angle every time. I believe this is where my delegate proposal can set itself apart from the rest. Instead of doing the work myself, I will employ the help of freelancers and content creators to create the materials. The internet is full of enthusiastic professionals willing to work on a one-off basis.

Whenever there is a new announcement or development milestone I will create an interesting promotion to spread the word! This can be but is not limited to a blog, a video, a promotional tweet, or the sponsoring of a podcast, Livestream, or crypto show. Anything that will attract the right people to the ark community goes. The first freelancer or content creator will be contacted after around 14 days of forging. Payout to voters will be daily starting on the second day of forging.

Get involved yourself!. If you are a content creator yourself delegate promotor has an interesting proposal for you! If you make a promotion that promotes ark, I will pay you a maximum of 50ARK per promotion! (The amount will be determined based on quality, success rate, and the number of promotions that month). If you are looking to start a new promotion please contact me first for extra information!

Nodes: I run 3 nodes as a delegate, one node supporting the devnet. And two nodes on mainnet. The main node has 32 GB Ram, 6 cores, and 800 GB SSD, and a backup node with 16 GB Ram, 4 cores, and 320 GB SSD.

If you like my proposal please consider voting for delegate Promotor, I’m available for questions on discord @Cryptony#3141

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