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S.E.G is a group of people who love the web3 space and ARK project. We knew each other through the internet, met IRL, and found out that we had the same page on almost everything in cryptocurrency and HODL/BUIDL philosophy.

We have known ARK since March 2021 and followed its community while witnessing the development of ARK. Now, we take a chance to step into ARK to secure the network and contribute to ARK's Community in many aspects (Community, social media, tool development).

Our team members and roles:

  • Fonk - Developer, Server maintenance, a delegate from Solar (ARK-based project).
  • Celebi - Promoter, who will promote ARK to investors, cryptocurrency groups, and communities.
  • D4m - Graphic Designer
  • Milos, DaHongKong, White - Community manager, who will run events for our community to keep the people interested in ARK.
  • ... (more people will be updated if they join us 😉 )

What we have done so far?


  • ARK Faucet Bot:
  • ARK Stake Calculator (in association with Arktoshi):
  • Arkies from MarketSquare

Milos & Celebi:

  • Arkies from MarketSquare
  • Introducing ARK to other people in the crypto space

Of course, we will keep on making more and more contributions to ARK's community.

Reward Sharing:

  • 75% to our voters and will be paid every 24 hours.
  • 2% toward ACF.
  • 23% for hosting events, and server fees.

Our commitments:

  • Keep making more contributions.
  • Non-stop sharing our knowledge of ARK with everybody.
  • Keep the node online while helping the network.
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