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Voters 760
Vote Weight 390,228 Ѧ
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My proposal - 1

Pool reward sharing - 90% Pool site: Approximate payout, every 12 hours: 2.7 ARK / 10K VOTE. 13.5 ARK / 50K VOTE. 27 ARK / 100K VOTE. Payments interval is 12h if earned more than 5 ARK

My proposal - 2

Dear users, as I wrote earlier, I want to attract more people to the platform and for this, I will hold contests. In the competition can participate anyone, from anywhere in the world and if you win, you will receive a prize.

The first competition will be in two months after my pool gets into the top 51 and it will be raffled between my voters who gave their voices for me. The first contest will be played on a PS4 Pro. alt text

Time in half a year will be played on a laptop HP OMEN 15-ax204ur. This prize will be drawn after half a year, as my pool is in the top 51.

Contact @mr.escanor


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