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Share increased to 90% Created on: 2021-09-29 19:18:50

Hey everyone,

I've been absent from Discord lately and that was because of some unexpected events IRL. The development was slow and not at the pace I wanted, and for that reason starting tomorrow I'm going to increase the share to 90% until I can get back to the pace I want. The 10% difference is going to be reserved for operational costs.

Being absent from Discord doesn't mean I've neglected the devnet or mainnet nodes. I kept the nodes up-to-date immediately after the release was announced by the dev team and mainnet is running without any issues and this is something that's going to stay.

In the end I want to thank to alessio and Cactus1549 for their efforts on the Core Bridge Plugin and I would like to donate 500A (250/each) to their projects.

250A to alessio and 250A to Cactus1549

Thank you for your votes, trust and staying close,

Dragos (umbrella)

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