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Proposal revision Created on: 2020-04-09 23:54:39

The security vulnerability bug bounty scheme recently underwent a revamp which abolished the 50% patch bonus top-up, which will have a huge impact on my income going forward. It's just not possible, in light of this, to also share rewards with voters. By allowing me to keep the whole amount of forging rewards in addition to the whole amount of bounty rewards, this will hopefully subsidise the loss of income from the abolition of the patch bonus top-up scheme. I'd like to make it clear this is not something I wanted to do and I talked with Matthew DC quite extensively about possible approaches for the ARK team to allow me to either continue under the old scheme, or with other alternative (more formal) ideas for income, but unfortunately no agreement could be reached. So this really is a last ditch roll of the dice to enable me to continue reporting security issues.

For those who vote for me, if you stay with me then I will continue to work behind the scenes on reporting ARK Core vulnerabilities and you can continue to judge my efficacy by the number of issues that get fixed in Core and hopefully my past history counts for something. If, on the other hand, you want to bail out because you want some form of monetary return from your vote in addition to the positive karma for supporting security work, then I understand too. If I get voted out, my work on ARK will have to stop but unfortunately there is no viable alternative.

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