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Delegate ranking website Created on: 2022-05-26 18:21:58

We made a simple website with a chart viewing the history of the delegate ranks of the past few rounds. This website has features like auto refresh, a filter to view your favourite delegates, click to highlight line feature and it opens the corresponding proposal by clicking on the delegate's name in the legend (available on large screens only). This website is an implementation of one of our plugins we made recently.

Link to website

Core API extension plugin Created on: 2022-05-26 11:47:36

This plugin extends the core API package by adding a new endpoint called delegate ranking. This endpoint returns the delegate ranking of the latest 15 rounds. This plugin is used to populate the chart of this website.

Link to Github repository

Replay transactions plugin Created on: 2022-05-26 11:45:12

We created a solution to replay transactions from one bridgechain to another. This tool is very useful for syncing transaction data (assets) between chains.

Link to Github repository

Released videogame on Steam Created on: 2021-09-28 17:34:13

Friends of Little Yus is a so called speedrunning game, challenge your friends to race to the flag as fast as possible. But be careful, there are obstacles which will try to make your journey a bit harder. Once the flag has been reached the total time of the player’s run (score) will be saved on the blockchain, using this data allows us to generate an in-game leaderboard displaying the top 10 fastest players. We hope that this effects in creating some kind of competition so that players keep on playing trying to beat their friends since there can be only one #1. Blockchain wallets are used as accounts and data such as the character name, character class, login and logout states are all stored on the blockchain. The game works on Windows and MacOS and has support for keyboards, xbox, playstation and nintendo controllers.

Link to Steam
Link to MarketSquare

Created webshop platform with real-time ARK and BIND payment methods Created on: 2021-03-31 05:15:21

We created a webshop platform where sellers can offer various products. We have created our custom [email protected] product and added it to the webshop, this is a pre installed relay node on a Raspberry Pi for you to run at home. Customer can purchase items using ARK and BIND tokens.

Link to webshop

Updated Socket Event Forwarder plugin Created on: 2020-11-05 07:39:35

We added a custom systeminformation event which emits information about the host such as CPU, RAM, and disk statistics at a configurable interval. We also added a network.latency event which pings a nearby server to measure the latency of a node.

Link to Github repository

Updated Socket Event Forwarder plugin Created on: 2020-09-26 06:47:23

We added a custom transaction.confirmed event which gets fired when a transaction is confirmed for a configurable amount of times. This can be used by exchanges to add funds to a wallet after 10 network confirmations for example.

Link to Github repository

Radians Created on: 2020-09-02 19:10:22

A bridgechain built for community developers for rapid prototyping.

Link to ARK blogpost
Link to Radians website

ArkScooters Created on: 2020-09-02 19:09:18

A scooter rental solution where users can rent scooters using a mobile app and pay with tokens.

Link to ARK blogpost
Link to Github repository custom transactions
Link to Github repository client app

Arkifier Created on: 2020-09-02 19:06:47

A notification service which emails you when your delegate loses forging power.

Link to Arkifier

ArkPromo Created on: 2020-09-02 19:05:40

A loyalty program on the blockchain using ARK technology.

Link to Github repository

Socket Event Forwarder Created on: 2020-09-02 19:02:35

A bridgechain plugin which forwards blockchain events through WebSockets enabling real-time data transfer to applications.

Link to Github repository

ArkCrypto Browserified Created on: 2020-09-02 18:46:21

A solution which enables developers to use the ARK crypto package in Chrome and Safari browsers.
Link to Github repository

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