Address: ATK14wxyYxbELq2b91bAfBY8Vmh9J6MDej
Rank 15
Voters 140
Vote Weight 668,286 Ѧ
Shares Rewards
Payout 75%
Payout min 0.001 Ѧ
Payout Max 0 Ѧ
Payout Interval 24h

Updated Proposal

Since beginning of 2019 I was hired by the ARK team to be part of their development team. As a result, the contributions in terms of bounties were no longer an option for me. Therefore the focus of the delegate has shifted to develop and maintain projects. These include:

  • - This website was originally created by Roks0n (Delegate deadlock), but taken over by me. Since then it has seen various updates, one of them being a complete rewrite of the original Python codebase to Laravel for easier maintainability and an overhaul of the UI. It also includes an API that is used by the Delegate Calculator plugin (made by delegate dated) for the ARK Desktop Wallet.

  • Discord bot - There's a bot on the ARK discord (ItsABotToo) which contains a variety of functions. It for example contains a devnet faucet (only one available for ARK at the moment), can be used to quickly fetch delegate information, contains a delegate calculator and can be used to fetch price information for all crypto tokens.

  • ARK Core plugins - There are a couple of core plugins developed to have a delegate forge their own transactions (vanir), to track when it's their turn to forge (heimdall) and to post about missed blocks and votes/unvotes (messenger)

  • Committee websites - These include, and These are hosted by me as part of the delegate.


Hey! My name is Michel. You might have seen me around on Slack or GitHub as ItsANameToo (which is also the name of my delegate). I have an MSc in Computer Science and have been using my skills since January to actively contribute to the Ark Ecosystem. Since actions speak louder than words, here are some examples:

  • Contributor to official repositories
    • Ark Desktop Wallet
    • Ark Explorer (top #2 contributor)
    • Ark Mobile Wallet (top #3 contributor)
    • Ark Core v2
  • ACF
    • Created the test suite for Ark Explorer
  • Multiple GitHub bounty winner
    • #2 February (
    • #1 March (
    • #2 May (
    • #3 June (
    • #1 July (

In addition to the above, I'm responsible for the official Swift SDK (Client and Crypto). I also helped with the development of the new v2 Ark Desktop Wallet.

As you can see, a lot has been done since January, but much more is yet to come!

Why a delegate?

The reason for becoming a delegate is to provide voters with a fair profit share, and to help fund and maintain projects for the Ark Ecosystem. It will also allow me to put more time towards improving Ark and its ecosystem, which will range from keeping contributing to the various repositories, as well as setting up my own Ark-related projects.


  • 75% profit sharing
  • 25% to cover costs and for Ark related projects
  • True block weight to prevent pool hopping
  • Daily payouts (if minimum payout reached)
  • 0.001 ARK minimum payout (to reduce spam)
  • NO ARK minimum balance
  • Suitable for smaller wallets!


I'll be running the following setup:

Forging node
4 cores

Relay/backup node
4 cores

1 core
2GB memory

The mainnet setup will be extended with another relay/backup node as soon as forging starts to increase stability.


  • Delegate itsanametoo | address: ATK14wxyYxbELq2b91bAfBY8Vmh9J6MDej
  • Very active community dev
  • 75% payout share
  • Daily payouts
  • No ARK minimum requirements, so also suitable for smaller wallets!


Feel free to ping me on Discord (@ItsANameToo) for any questions you have or to chat in general, or follow me around on GitHub!

Thanks for your support!

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