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QSLP extension development started for ARK mainnet Created on: 2021-10-16 16:26:01

Our implementation on Qredit can be viewed below.

Explorer featuring support for multiple chains including (D)ARK and bridgechains Created on: 2021-10-16 16:19:00

We are featuring a new explorer with support for multiple chains: https://explorer.sh || Support for: ARK mainnet & DARK devnet, Qredit mainnet and Blockpool mainnet (soon: also Radians). Additionally, we added POCS to ARK mainnet, an example can be seen here: https://explorer.sh/ark/wallet/AVzf5CZjTwXD2Hi3hNwNqdaGWd7SiBkDxc

ARK listing on Qredit Motion wallet Created on: 2021-08-08 10:16:20

We have recently listed ARK on our Qredit Motion wallet, which is in active development, at https://motiondev.qredit.cloud/

Qredit Side Ledger Protocol - proof of concept Created on: 2021-08-05 16:55:26

Our QSLP integration can be viewed for the Qredit (XQR) bridgechain at https://github.com/qredit/qslp

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