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Dear ARK ecosystem community,

I would like to officially announce my proposal to become a mainnet delegate and want to therefore introduce you guys to myself, my vision and my future contributions regarding the ARK ecosystem. Lets start with myself, shall we? My delegate name is yakety_yak and I come from Germany. My experiences in the topics of blockchains and cryptocurrencies date back to the early 2017s. Throughout the time I learned a lot about the programming language python and how to use it. Back then I also learned simultaneously about running cloud servers running on Linux by hosting some smaller websites on them. Back in these times I had the pleasant unofficial task to teach more inexperienced people in that field (meaning the Why?'s, How's? and What?'s in the topic of blockchains and cloud servers.). Althought I would consider myself a techie guy, my biggest strenght would be my presentational and communicating skills. Since my 13th year of life I was standing on stages either debating or singing infront of large amounts of people. Since June 2019 I am an official voice actor and professional speaker, who learned out at the "Deutsche POP Akademie", which is an international academy for recreational skills and crafts. Therefore I am currently employing a sound engineer, with whom I plan to work on Youtube related projects and also professional projects regarding voice acting and voice overs. I personally am following ARKs route to mass adoption since mid 2017 and I'm very intrigued by the goal of being "the wordpress of blockchains". Migrating any administrative, confidential or infrastructural work processes to blockchains is in my opinion not a question "if" it happens but rather "when" it finally happens. My personal belief is that providing a massive amount of supported programming languages to the open-sourced SDK of ARK is essential to the average business owners over the world to take part in the ongoing adoption of blockchains into our everyday lifes. If someone keeps something simple then it is easier to share and teach it to outsiders, right? :)

My vision:

As I briefely mentioned before - I think that ARK has the toolkit for mass adoption by providing excellent documentation about its SDK and a phenomenal educational drive behind its project via its Hackathons and contacts with universities. And even though these beforementioned points about the project sound juicy... there is still something I (in my opinion) kinda miss - presence on the abnormally big highway called the internet. If I search ARK ecosystem on Youtube I see a lot of very specific videos about the ongoing progress in the ARK ecosystem. I see videos that describe the consensus algorythm of ARK, name the block time, explain the token utility or how to set up a node for the devnet. But...what is a consensus algorithm? or a block time or a token in general? Anyone got an idea what a node or a devnet is? Well I presume that if I ask around 100 people in the streets I would be lucky if atleast one or two people would know one or two of these beforementioned technical terms. And I want to change that! My vision is to provide a visual dictionary in English and German about these terms. If the average Joe nowadays wants to learn about blockchains in general, he will most likely find material provided by other cryptocurrency projects that could maybe be in competition with ARK. This road of delayed reach hits almost every altcoin on the market and I want to eliminate this factor for ARK because I think that ARK should be a flagship for DPOS coins. If ARK wants to be the "wordpress of blockchains" I think that the project cannot only rely on making it easy for programmers of every programming language to understand their vision but also laymen that stem from the most diverse professional backgrounds all over the world. Since there are approximately 1.5 billion english speakers and between 175 to 220 million german speakers in the world I think that there is a lot of room for improvement!

I hope I have successfully described my potential of how I would like to spread the word about ARK. I'm eager and willing to also learn from the other delegates because there is an astonishing amount of differently skilled people among them which are harmonizing in the ARK ecosystem. If you, my dear readers, think that I would be a contributing addition to the current delegate roster, feel free to leave a vote for delegate yakety_yak. Thank you for your attention!

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